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Long term strategic consulting

Recent work:


Provided Value Creation Planning and Long Term Coaching. Created and supported a fantastic, goal-aligned Board which oversaw the business grow from £3m EBITDA to £6m EBITDA over a two year period.

“Kent Finance’s support has been instrumental in shaping our board structure and setting our strategy. The Value Creation Planning has set us on a path for significant growth and they have stayed with us throughout that journey. They are close and trusted advisors who are valued by our senior team and the business as a whole.”

Mitesh Dhanak – Owner,

Working closely with Management Teams to help them understand and deliver Value Creation.

“We use our background in Private Equity to help the management teams we work with identify and understand how they can develop and add value in their business. We educate them so that they can anticipate how each step will feel and support them throughout the growth process.”

William Napier Fenning

Coaching and Support

Working directly with management teams and investors on a long term basis:

  • One to one regular coaching sessions
  • Board attendance and strategic counselling
  • Board development: structure, training and selection
  • Investment appraisal and decision support



Value Creation Planning

A blend of team building, education and market appraisal, Value Creation Planning is conducted via a series of off-site seminars over a twelve month period or longer designed to create a goal aligned board with a uniform strategy:

  • Learning how potential investors would value the business
  • Understanding the investment environment for SMEs
  • Understand how value is affected by:
    • Organic vs inorganic growth
    • Risk management
    • Governance approach
  • Identifying and ranking market opportunities
  • Identifying risks within the business and how to take them forward
  • Live modelling of potential development opportunities
  • Creation / review of a long term plan