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Financial Modelling Support

Recent work:


A rapidly growing SAAS operator, Plandek was looking to secure investment to enable expansion into new channels and development of the business. We prepared a detailed business planning model, translating the connectivity between the SAAS subscription model, route to market sales growth, EBITDA and cashflow.

“Kent Finance delivered a robust financial and operating model, showing a real understanding of the business and key value drivers while working well with the team to ensure the output became a key tool for the ongoing business management. We look forward to working with the Kent Finance team again.”

Roshan Puri, Investment Director, YFM Equity Partners


The restructure and refinance of a group of care home operators into one entity. We prepared models and supported the CFO and investor in negotiating with lenders through to completion.

“Kent Finance was involved from the inception of this project, in terms of the Board’s business strategy driving this. They clearly mapped the pathway, what the process would look like and also, as important, what it would feel like for all involved. This helped manage expectations, allowed mitigation plans to be built in advance and ultimately delivered a very valuable project for the business to use as a platform to deliver the future growth strategy.”

Fergal Cawley – Chief Financial Officer


The exit of a business by founders to PE investors ECI. We prepared models and worked with the Due Diligence teams, supporting the CFO through to exit.

“Kent Finance worked on a critical aspect of our preparation for an Exit of Make It Cheaper to ECI Partners (private equity). The project was delivered to a demanding deadline and was then subjected to extensive external due diligence, passing with flying colours. KF were a pleasure to work with and made a material contribution to a highly successful mid-market deal.”

Mark Croghan – Finance Director


The exit of a business by PE investors Livingbridge to Core. We prepared models and supported the CFO through to exit.

“The support from Will and the team at Kent Finance throughout the project was great – highly professional and always supportive even when the workload was demanding.”

Darren JI Milne FCA – Finance Director


Preparation of a model, automated management accounts, operational reporting packs, and short term cashflow forecasts to support a rapidly growing multi-site marina operator, backed by LDC.

“The Kent Finance team are skilled financial modellers, strong and rounded professional advisers and, at least as important, great people to work with. They have built financial models to support business development, acquisitions and refinancing, supported us on acquisition integration activity and helped us to set up financial processes that are fit for purpose in the PE environment. They are also responsive to client needs, even the unreasonable demands at short notice. I cannot commend the Kent Finance team highly enough.”

Russell Sang, CFO

Granular, integrated financial models tie performance decisions to cashflow and covenants, informing choices. High quality strategic planning and analysis underpin successful growth.

“At Kent Finance we are passionate about Financial Modelling. As a team we have had to live and breathe ‘owning’ models throughout our careers in both managing PE backed businesses and in Transaction Support. This gives us unique insight into the investment lifecycle and the pressures on finance teams.

Our models are built to enable finance teams to take control of data and analysis, supporting boards and investors to achieve investment goals and drive ROI.”

William Napier Fenning

Kent Finance financial models help owners and investors grasp a sense of where the business stands, drive strategy conversations and underpin funding applications. Our models answer questions like:

  • How will changes to our cost base, pricing or staffing impact future performance?
  • Can we afford to carry out a development or acquisition? If not now, when?
  • How should we fund it?
  • What impact will business changes have on our covenants with funders?
  • How will the strategies we adopt create shareholder value?

Creating a model is a complex technical exercise, where experience and expertise is invaluable. Our approach ensures finance teams receive the training and support necessary to own the model themselves. Here’s how our models compare:

Kent Finance Other outsource options In house finance team
Model based on proprietary architecture in Excel
Yes, this ensures consistency and FDD readiness
Model actualises automatically
Yes, this is built in by design
Model can ‘grow’ to add new sites or products
Yes, this is built in by design
Model can rapidly consider different scenarios ‘on the fly’
Yes, this is built in by design

No, often difficult / time consuming to run scenarios

No, often difficult / time consuming to run scenarios
Model based on budgeting / operational components of business
Yes, this means that the model can survive with the business and be used by the whole management team

No, typically models are built at a high level which does not reflect operational performance

Yes, but lack of experience can lead to overcomplexity and inconsistency
Model reflects funding structure capabilities with capacity to grow
Yes, your SFA and Loan notes will be accurately modelled along with covenants and capacity for future funding rounds

Yes, but this will only reflect the current funding structure

Yes, but lack of experience often lead to errors and gaps in knowledge or understanding
Model can be rapidly built and deployed
Yes, we can typically prepare a model within 3-6 weeks

Yes, although it will depend on availability of staff with appropriate skills

No, this can take a long time with an uncertain outcome
Dedicated team of financial modelling experts
Yes, our team have many years of modelling experience gained working within PE backed businesses

Limited / inconsistent level of specialism

Limited experience

If you would like to learn more about our models, or to book a live demo of our work, please get in touch.