Assistant Financial Controller

Ref: 7027235

Salary: £60k

Location: North West London

Profile: A highly motivated and hardworking ACCA with highly developed management skills and experience (19yrs) in commerce (13 of which have been in health care).  Excels in up to the minute reporting roles where a high degree of detail and accuracy are required as well as the ability to business partner with both finance and non-finance staff members, as well as clients and external stakeholders.  

Highlights: Considerably reduced credit card commission fees as part of a project analysing, successfully proposing the cancellation of ties with American Express due to higher commission charges, longer intervals in receiving settlements and more involved accounting processes. Implementation of this proposal reduced the Club’s costs and simplified the accounting processes.  

Systems: Access Dimensions, MYOB Accounting, IRIS PAYE Master, Oracle, Sage 50

Availability: Immediate